Interact Coalition Logo Files

Final Logo Files


Other formats and sizes are also available if needed. The transparent PNG format is the best format for most electronic web-related uses. The best format for print use would be the EPS format. Also, many printers will take a PDF file.

Logo Development Process


These logos feature elements that were suggested in the initial feedback I received – double helix, DNA, tree, green & blue, and 5 founding partner organizations.


These logotypes use stylized versions of MuseoModerno, Gugi, and Train One fonts for the word Interact, with Century Gothic for the word Coalition.

Design Notes

It is important to note that logos today need to be legible in many sizes and designed primarily for digital device screens. Sans serif fonts will display better than those using thin serifs. A square or circle format is generally more useful and easier to adapt to the many different needs required for digital apps, icons, and websites. Simple shapes and colors generally work better that more complex and ornate designs.

Please provide feedback on these initial ideas, and let me know if there is a direction you would prefer me to pursue on the final logo design.

Logo D &E

Based on the feedback I received, I am showing the Double Helix logo and the Train One font as requested together. In addition, I am showing another logo based on an earlier sketch I had done (see below). I did not present this option initially as I think it is not simple enough for the range of uses you will need. I don’t think it holds up well at smaller sizes.

Logo Ideation Sketches